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Illuminating text invites readers into page after page of lavishly photographed interiors, offering deceptively simple transitions and insider tips to bring the look into any space. Visually rich and totally inspiring, Home Style by City is a treasure for lovers of design, travel and, of course, big city dreams.

Book DescriptionNow in paperback! From the biggest notions of carefully styled rooms to the smallest comforts and delights of accessorizing a home with your favorite things, Inside Log Homes offers suggestions, understanding, and inspiration regarding the intensely personal and expressive world of log-cabin living. Author Cindy Thiede peeks through doors into hundreds of uniquely styled and personally appointed spaces. Sometimes comfortably familiar, other times surprising and unexpected, each roommay plant the seed of possibility for your own emerging vision of home and hearth.

Cindy Thiede has spent twenty years photographing and writing about log-home architecture in the United States. Additional titles by Ms. Thiede include Hands-On Log Homes: Packed with photos, Containers with Style inspires homeowners with a unique variety of projects that are both good-looking and practical. Easy-to-follow instructions guide do-it-yourselfers through each project from start to finish, and expert tips save time and guarantee great results.

Whether interested in smart suggestions for growing herbs and vegetables or simply creating something beautiful for the home, readers will find all kinds of ways to add instant style to indoor and outdoor spaces. The conversion of old industrial spaces is something that is becoming a growing trend in large cities across the globe, and China is no exception. Converted Spaces brings together house from within culture-rich China that exemplify the wonderfully practical conversion of current uses, and the immense creativity that emerges from these confines.

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